System Integration

out of the box approach makes it stand out among its peers

Radius Infotech

Radius infotech specializes in system integration. Realizing that customer’s needs are unique and overgrowing, we bring together all sub components to form a complete solution. The final solutions can be made of only hardware, only software or a mix of both. Sub-components can be a solution in itself.

Standing out Among its Competitors

Following a different path makes our system integration capabilities stand out among the competitors. To achieve a specific goal for the customers, Radius Infotech has consistently redefined system integration landscape.

Desired Output for Customers

Understanding that customer needs are unique and ever evolving, we finetune our strategies and approach. Radius Infotech is widely known for delivering the desired output for our customers irrespective of the sector involved.

Multiple Choice Offerings

Radius Infotech pampers our customers with multiple choice for a single problem. We make sure that customers have alternatives while making an informed choice based on past experience and future requirements.

You have a problem? we have a Solution!

Problem solving is our motto and priority both. We apply our vast experience in system integration capabilities for delivering the precise solution. With our expertise in system integration, customer has gone through a very happy experience.

End to End Solution

Our end to end solutions using system integration capabilities are widely recognized cutting across spectrum of industries and regionality.

Reliability and Trust

Customers of Radius Infotech have immense reliability and trust on our system integration capabilities. Over the last decade, we have come to be known as 100% reliable in our solution delivery using system integration knowledge.


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Security and Surveillance


AI & IOT based solutions

Parking Solutions

Thermal Solutions

Touchless Solutions

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