Curo Elevate

Smart touchless elevator solution.

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Smart Touchless Elevator Solution

Introducing SMART Lift or Elevator with Touchless Operations. Now by presenting QR codes on mobile App, users can operate lifts without touching it. Touching the elevator button multiple times in a day is a basic requirement in building premises. In the current scenario, It’s not a safe practice any more (risk of infection). CuroElevate provides an option to operate lifts touch-less with its unique features. CuroElevate is a new generation Smart Innovative Automated solution for Touchless operations of lift’s buttons. It uses the latest AI, GPS and QR Code technologies for seamless and secured operations. Intuitive and User-friendly App design provides a real time experience. Solution can be integrated with any lift type and OEM. Mobile App is available for both Apple iOS and Android.

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Touchless Operations

QR Code Enabled

Auto Geo Location

Multiple Operations

Mobile App

CuroElevate is available for both iOS and Android on the App Store and Play Store respectively & easy to use for touchless operation of elevators.

DCS Integration

CuroElevate can be integrated with normal group/individual Elevators as well as DCS operated elevators.

Visitor Operation

Seamless visitor operation with QR enabled technology on 3 easy steps, just scan , select and go.