Project Design & Consultancy

Solution designing for Consultant and customers project.

Radius Infotech

Radius Infotech out of the box approach makes it stand out among its peers. Acknowledging the requirements of customer complex needs, we have developed a 6-step process for providing end to end solution for our existing as well as new customers. Our team gets involved in solving the problem from the very first meeting. Step by step handling eliminated the chances of misunderstanding and confusion.

Approach for Consultants

Together, with our existing consultants, we have executed many systems and projects. Consultants provides the necessary information regarding the exact requirement. Once, service requirement is understood, customized implementation is done by our dedicated team.

Way for Customers

Understanding that customer needs are unique in its own, we have developed a step-wise process for the complete project. Our 6-step approach makes sure that no minor details are missed while execution. With our organized approach, we have successfully delivered the project to our existing as well as new customers.

Project Life Cycle

we have developed a 6-step process

Service Identification

Radius team tries to find out what kind of services is exactly required for customer or consultant. Once finalized, we move on to the next step

Design and Consulting

In the design and consulting phase, person with expert knowledge prepares the design for the actual system in consultation with the customer or consultants whichever is necessary.


Actual installation of the system starts, once the design, consultation and planning part are dealt with in detail.

Site Survey and problem identification

Real scenario is checked with a team visit to the actual site for checking the feasibility of the system.

Operational Planning

Once the deal is finalized, our team shifts to focus to operational planning, so that the execution does not result in undesired delay.


This is the last part of the complete process. Customers can enjoy the benefits and uniqueness of the system after commissioning.

Iceberg Principle

While designing the system network, care should be taken to provision for future issues and requirements. Future problem identification is similar to visualizing an iceberg from a distance. At a plain sight, bulk of the problems are hidden while the normal issues are clearly visible. Nevertheless, these hidden problems are quite capable of disrupting the system very similar to routine and visible problems. These 80% of the hidden problem is almost equal to 20% visible problem. We at Radius Infotech have the readymade approach to tackle such unseen circumstances.


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